BaraButi or 12 Herbs Hair Oil for Monsoons

BaraButi or 12 Herbs Hair Oil for Monsoons

BARABUTI or Twelve herbs oil is especially beneficial in the monsoons. It takes care of all your monsoon related hair worries.

It is made of 12 different herbs, which come together to create magic. 

These herbs are:-

AMLA POWDER: High source of vitamin-C, increases hair strength. 

SHIKAKAI POWDER: Conditions the hair, reducing frizzy hair. 

BHRINGRAJ POWDER: Promotes hair growth and reduces grey hair. 

BRAHMI POWDER: Natural hair conditioner. 

INDIGO POWDER: Adds and maintains color of the hair. Reduces grey hair. 

METHI DANA POWDER: Strengthens hair. 

REETHA POWDER: A natural cleanser. Removes dirt and grime from the hair. 

LEMON PEEL POWDER: High in vitamin-C, it helps protect hair. 

ROSE PETAL POWDER: Cools the head, reduces inflammation of scalp. 

NEEM POWDER: Fights dandruff

HIBISCUS POWDER: Conditions the hair and provides strength. 

HENNA POWDER: Fights greying of hair.


The herbs would create magic on their own, but what is also important is the choice of oil. This is an important part of the recipe, and depends on your hair type or issue. 

Please pick the right oil for yourself from the list of oils below, depending on your hair issue and type. 

NORMAL HAIR: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

DANDRUFF: Hemp Seed Oil

FRIZZY HAIR: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

THIN HAIR: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

DULL HAIR: Organic Black Seed Oil

To understand the exact recipe, watch the video above. 

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