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is knowing your Skin Type

Its frustrating to not be buying the right products only because you dont know the basics of skin care. It starts with knowing your skin type. Don't worry, we have you covered. Just click on the link below, take a small quiz, and know your skin type.

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Amisha Sharma

“The powder is so smooth, after mixing it with a liquid it turns in very smooth clayish formula. It’s very satisfying. Just one tea spoon is enough for one time use on the face and little parts of the neck. Mix till the paste is smooth, the Multani mitti get very clumpy after mixing with water so properly mixing is necessary. Apply just one thin layer and it dries out fast. And leaves the skin feeling fresh and alive. In the picture it looks clumpy, but when you touch it, it’s smoother than icing sugar if that helps. So don’t think anymore and go for it. You’re about to make a right decision!!“

debangana mandal

“I have no complaints with the brand but this is the first time i tried shea butter so the smell was bothering me a little bit...but later on i got used to and it has become my go to for everything“

Suchi Nandini

“ The product is very good. Glass bottle packaging with nozel is great too. But during shipping they do not provide a stopper on the glass bottle so quite a bit of content from the bottle had leaked for me. As it is an expensive product, it will be good if they can improve on that.“


“Pure and natural product, from the first use skin looks beautiful.“

Ritika Jain

“Its my second purchase..used may rose water of different such a nyc one just like kama ayurveda rose water..will buy it again and favorite one“

Nalini Misra

“ Hi, I honestly I researched so much before taking aloevera gel and then I found Tattvalogy aloevera gel....It's really's easily absorb skin is normal but very sensitive. This product is superb....I am putting my pic also ...there is no foundation or moisturizer ...just tattvalogy aloevera gel. Too good.“

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