Tired of pigmentation, under eye dark circles and darkness around the mouth and neck areas? Or, just back from the beach trip and need to get rid of the tan, but naturally, without the unnecessary chemicals?

Then we have the right solution. Our Pigmentation Mask cum Scrub.

It’s magical ingredients reduce pigmentation, and gives you an even toned skin, which is radiant and glowing.

This mask cum scrub contains:

Besan: Besan is known to lighten the skin, reduces oiliness, and works really well as a scrub. Its is highly exfoliating, and works well to remove dirt and grime from the pores of the skin.

Kasturi Manjal: Or also known as Wild Turmeric is a high curcumin species of turmeric, used widely in skincare. It is great to reduce uneven skin tone, treat dandruff and give you’re a bright and glowing skin.

Licorice Powder: This is a powerhouse of an ingredient. In ayurveda, mulethi or licorice has been mentioned to have great benefits for the skin, and for the body in general. Licorice helps reduce uneven skin tone. Your skin becomes darker in some areas, especially around the mouth, cheeks and neck. This can be brightened with help of regular use of licorice powder. Licorice also helps fade scars of the body. It reduces patchy skin, and reverses sun damage too.

Hemp Seed Powder: Hemp, a variety of cannabis which does not give you a high! Hemp has great exfoliating properties, and helps reduce damage caused to the skin by the sun. It helps reduce uneven skin tone, and removes dirt and grime from your pores, giving you a nice and healthy looking skin.

Rose Water: Rose water is a perfect hydration for all scrubs. It helps keep skin hydrated, especially after the dryness that is caused due to the scrubbing. It also gives a nice refreshing aroma to your mask, and hence betters your mood.