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Weather is changing and winters are coming. This is the time when most of us experience weather change flu symptoms. Cough, cold and blocked nose. For years we have been using vapor rubs, laden with harmful chemicals and preservatives. So, we thought, why not make this easily at home, with ingredients which are not only harmless, but are in fact more effective than their chemical counterparts.

Things Required:

Peppermint Essential Oil: Antibacterial, analgesic (it eases pain), and anti-inflammatory are all properties of peppermint essential oil. Because it contains menthol, it is also cooling and reviving.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Because it has antibacterial properties and works well as an expectorant, eucalyptus essential oil is a suitable choice for respiratory problems.

Indian Lavender Essential Oil: With chest congestion, it might be challenging to go asleep peacefully, but lavender essential oil is incredibly calming.

Lemon Essential Oil: It works well for easing coughs, colds, and other upper respiratory issues. Tea Tree Essential Oil: Since tea tree essential oil is antibacterial, it would be a useful addition to this rub if a pathogen were to blame for the chest congestion. Organic Shea Butter & Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Works well as a base of the essential oils, and helps in a good massage feel.