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Cucumber Gel

Cucumber Gel

Made with aloe vera harvested for 5 years, which is scientifically pro

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Our Cucumber Gel contains 99% papaya and is added with 1% stablizers. Just like Aloe Vera gel, our papaya gel is made from 100% pure and natural raw materials. Cucumber Gel available today has added colour, preservatives and fragrances. Our Cucumber gel on the other hand does not contain any added colour, fragrance or preservatives. Unlike other cucumber gels in the market, our cucumber gel is not made with cucumber extract in aloe vera gel, ours is directly made from cucumbers, zero aloe vera gel.


Gel of aloev vera

How to Use

Apply directly in required amount or mix with other gels and oils to create a personalized product. For more, check out the DIY banner above.

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