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Indigo Powder

Indigo Powder

Natural hair Color. Conditions the hair too.

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Tattvalogy Indigo Leaf Powder is one of the oldest known dyes that was extensively use for dying textile. Derived from grinding leaves of the plant genre ingigofera, Indigo was considered precious commodity and was referred to as ' blue gold , it is only pure Indigo powder derived from indigofera Tinctoria that is best suited as natural hair dye. Do not get confused by the numerous option to buy Indigo powder in the market. Always check the ingredients label ensure that the Indigo Powder is 100% natural and organic. Apart from being a great hair dye, Indigo powder has following benefits too: 1. It treats and prevents premature graying; 2. It can lead to new hair growth and treat baldness; 3. It treats dandruff and conditions dry hair ; 4. It prevents scalp infection s and soothes the scalp; 5. It smoothness the tangles, makes your hair thicker, more manageable and lustrous; 6. You can dye your hair shades of black for brown by combining it with Henna. Direction:- Used with Henna and other Powders to make a great natural hair color.


Powder of indigo powder

How to Use

Add water and make a paste and apply on the face and hair in circular motion. Let it sit for 20-25 minutes and then wash off with water. You can also combine more than one clay or herbal powders to create a custom face or hair pack for yourself. For more, check out the DIY banner above.

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