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Organic Shea Butter

Organic Shea Butter

Raw, Unprocessed and Unrefined

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First Things First!!!

Raw Shea butter's color and fragrance depends on weather and harvest type. It is NOT consistent, and if you keep getting consistency in color and smell, it may mean that something is being added for the consistency.

For color and smell check out this Youtube video: . And also check out the FAQ answered by the Shea Institute: .

Raw Shea Butter Is A Skin Superfood That Comes From The Seeds Of The Fruit Of The Shea (Karite) Tree And That Is Naturally Rich In Vitamins A, E And F. It Offers Uv Protection And Provides The Skin With Essential Fatty Acids And The Nutrients Necessary For Collagen Production. Shea Butter Has Been Used In Africa And Other Countries For Years To Improve Skin And Hair.


Shea Butter Aids In The Skin'S Natural Collagen Production Shea Butter Makes It Incredibly Nourishing And Moisturizing Skin Softening And Strengthening As Well As Wrinkle Reduction
This Also Makes It Beneficial For Some People With Acne Naturally Rich In Vitamins A, E And F.

It Offers UV Protection.


Butter of shea nut

How to Use

Use a generous amount directly on the skin or combine with other oils

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  • Why is my shea butter grainy?

    All fats normally have grainy texture and it is in fact a sign of great quality (remember when ghee makers advertise "Danedar ghee"? Its the same thing with shea butter too. But we do understand that it could be a little uncomfortable while applying on the body. So for this, all you need to do is, heat and melt the shae butter once, and let it cool naturally over the days. It will lose most of the grainy texture it has.

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