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Shea Oil

Shea Oil

Extracted from Shea Butter. It has same properties, just in oil form.

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Cold Pressed Shea Oil:-

The shea seed or nut, from which shea butter is extracted, also contains a less known component- Shea Oil. The Shea oil component actually varies from nut to nut, and those nuts with a higher percentage of shea oil are more valuable in the cosmetic manufacturing industry.

While the composition of shea butter and shea oil are similar in all other aspects, the difference arises in the amount of stearic acid, an essential fatty acid, which gives shea butter the thick consistency, is much lower in case of shea oil.

Shea oil has a natural fruity fragrance which is very unique and not seen in any other natural oil. It is because of shea oils extraction process that increases the esters, which imparts this unique fruity fragrance. Therefore, it is very easy to use shea oil in hair application as a stand alone leave in conditioner. A great alternative to all the other carrier oils.


oil of shea nut

How to Use

Apply directly to skin or hair as required or combine with other oils and essential oils to create a unique product for yourself. Click the DIY banner above to explore more.

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